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A help desk platform for E-commerce


Experience in telemarketing and telephone customer service together with our human and material resources make Logikaline the ideal ally for companies specializing in e-commerce be it B2B or B2C.

Our multilingual platforms have professional operators with previous training and they can support your customers through different channels (telephone, e-mail, chat, SMS…). They can also offer, if you wish, customer service in a flexible format 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We are the strategic ally you are looking for if you work with a virtual shop or a booking center or need a technical help desk, etc.



  • You can count on the appropriate technological resources and an experienced, fully-trained team to give your customers first class attention.
  • You can count on ample hours of flexible coverage without having to worry about calendars, people on sick leave, holidays, bank holidays…
  • You can count on news coverage and sales coverage with no fixed costs but based on variables.


  • 1

    A booking center for accommodation in rural houses.

  • 2

    The need to provide news coverage for customers who contract their services through their web portal at times when their offices are closed.

  • 3

    Establish a platform to answer calls at our Call Center in Abaltzisketa, which provides phone coverage during the hours and days that the booking center’s offices are closed.


  • Complementing your services with professional, top quality customer service.
  • Customer satisfaction thanks to immediate attention.
  • An increase in bookings as customers queries are dealt with in real time.