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Making appointments


Through the appointments service, you will be able to optimize your commercial resources. All types of companies or organizations can contract this service and so avoid the much feared “cold call”. This service enables your commercial agents to save time and effort by concentrating exclusively on potential customers who have shown some interest in your services or products.



  • Having staff trained in telesales techniques, which will help you to open the doors of your customers.
  • Making it possible to fix pre-established appointments in the commercial agents’ agendas.
  • The ability to keep a totally computerized and centralized check on commercial agents’ agendas.
  • Optimization of the commercial agents’ time and a substantial improvement in their productivity.


  • 1

    An insurance agency.

  • 2

    The need to carry out a campaign involving telephone calls to potential customers aimed at commercial agents being received by them. Each commercial agent must have between 8 and 10 appointments daily.

  • 3

    Establish a platform for transmitting calls with an expert operator in telesales trained specifically to this effect.


  • An increase in the commercial agents’ productivity
  • Improvement in performance and motivation in the commercial department.
  • Significant time saving.