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Telemarketing and telesales


At Logikaline we have acquired the necessary experience over the years to create efficient sales strategies, which add value to the work of the team of telephone operators, who have wide experience in gaining the potential customer’s interest.

We have the technological support of platforms for transmitting calls, which, based on databases with flexible strategic parameters, make it possible to boost the tactical effectiveness of sales. Furthermore, sales made over the telephone are supported by other channels such as the Web, e-mails or SMS technology, elements which are essential nowadays in making long distance sales.



  • Taking advantage of experience to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer.
  • Putting our resources to use as well as our knowledge of the region and its infrastructure without having to set up business here.
  • Attracting new customers and retaining present ones.


  • 1

    A telecommunications distribution company.

  • 2

    The need to make thousands of calls to inform of a new product and contracting fibre optic services.

  • 3

    Establish a platform of 15 operators for transmitting calls.


  • Calls made to 50% of households in the area of distribution.
  • Substantial increase in the number of contracts for the product
  • Hundreds of people contacted dropped by the offices of the distribution company to inquire about the offer.