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Sending mass e-mails and SMS, marketing and monitoring


Logikaline has a platform for sending mass e-mails and SMS for any type of campaign – publicity, informative, commercial support, emergency warning in the event of any incidents, etc. up to 5,000 personalized messages can be sent within an hour. In order to do so, all the customers have to do is provide their databases and Logikaline deals with sending the messages as frequently as required and makes sure that they are personalized.
We can also check on the messages sent by phone thus reinforcing the campaign in question.


  • Differentiating between mass SMS mailings and a Spam advertising campaign.
  • Knowing how many messages reach their destination.
  • Reinforcing the campaign with the use of telemarketing techniques.


  • 1

    A public institution.

  • 2

    Notification by SMS of the holding of an event regarding an awareness campaign concerning the environment together with subsequent monitoring by means of a campaign involving calling the recipients of the messages.

  • 3

    Establish an automatic platform for the sending of SMS and a platform for transmitting calls for the purpose of monitoring.


  • The absolute certainty that the message has been received.
  • Having technological means that were not previously available at a minimum cost.
  • Successful attendance at the event.