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900, 901, 902 lines


Logikaline has the necessary technological resources to carry out campaigns in different media: 900, 901 and 902 Numbers:

Logikaline enables “900” numbers immediately in order to carry out campaigns which, without a set working time, require a capacity to answer many calls at the same time.  

These lines are enabled when the contracting company does not have enough time slots and technical and human resources to be able to undertake certain campaigns.   


  • Having the technological means in the field of telephony that not all companies do. 
  • The possibility of providing a professional response to extensive campaigns as far as the number of calls is concerned.    
  • Availability at all times for the development of the campaign.   
  • Variable cost.


  • 1

    An educational institution.

  • 2

    The need to answer calls concerning a campaign for distance education enrolment. 

  • 3

    Establish a platform for receiving calls capable, over a wide range of hours, of attending to a large number of enquiries.


  • A large number of calls are answered in a short space of time.
  • No long waits on the telephone or overloading of switchboards
  • A professional, efficient answering service at a low cost