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At Logikaline, we are aware that an incoming call may well signify a sales opportunity. It is possible to give an added value to the attention service by converting a call for information, an enquiry or even a complaint into a sale or a potential contract. Cross-selling makes it possible to convert any type of call into a direct sale or a commercial appointment thus increasing the probabilities of retaining customers by contracting more services in the company. The equation is extremely simple: the greater the number of services contracted, the greater the likelihood of permanence. As we are well aware of this, we have an experienced, professional team capable of giving this added value to a call.


  • The possibility of converting the customer service into another commercial tool.
  • Increasing customer retention by making them users of a greater number of contracted services.
  • Having experienced teams with commercial training to deal with customer service.


  • 1

    A franchised electrical appliance shop.

  • 2

    The need to manage a commercial campaign to cultivate customer loyalty through the contracting of credit cards, using the channels of customer service for this purpose.

  • 3

    Establish a platform for receiving calls at our Call Center in Abaltzisketa, assigning a team specializing in cross-selling to this end.


  • Very satisfactory results in the contracting of credit cards.
  • Incidents concerning users were solved with an optimum level of attention.
  • Cultivation of customer loyalty.