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Technical assistance


Top level technical assistance or a Help Desk is a very useful, practical communication tool for the customer and the company providing the product or the service.

It consists of offering a help channel for users of the service or product over the telephone or through the computer (e-mail, chat, Web, etc.) to deal with enquiries or technical problems following a protocol which has previously been stipulated and managed by personnel experienced in communication and specifically trained for this work.

It also consists of a filter which is ideal for differentiating between cases which require specialized technical assistance and those which do not.



  • Optimization of technical and human resources.
  • Avoiding costly technical interventions for trivial cases
  • Customer satisfaction on receiving a prompt, practical response.


  • 1

    Manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

  • 2

    The need to offer technical assistance over the phone with a view to solving basic problems and referring more complex technical problems to teams of technicians.

  • 3

    Establish a platform for receiving calls at our Call Center in Abaltzisketa providing telephone coverage at specific times.


  • Problem solving is speeded up swiftly and practically.
  • The workload of specialized teams of technicians is reduced thus optimizing resources.
  • Customer satisfaction on being attended to in extended opening hours.